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Personal Insurance

Insurance plays an essential role in providing protection both to businesses and individuals. It is always important to ensure that you and your family have protection against unexpected circumstances. There are different types of insurance coverage options.

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Personal insurance comprises of different policies aimed at protecting individuals from all manner of risks. For example, by having a home insurance cover, the insurance company will compensate if your home is destroyed or damaged by a storm or any natural calamity.

Below are different types of personal insurance policies:

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

Recreational boating is a popular activity during summer. Considering the price of a boat, you will want to protect it with a good insurance cover.

Why do you need boat insurance?

Although not common, boating accidents do happen. In case you don’t have any insurance, you will have to pay any damages or injuries caused by your boat. Below are some of the common boat claims:

  • Colliding with another boat
  • When a storm or bad weather damages your boat
  • In case your boat is stolen, especially when parked.

Boat and watercraft insurance covers several things, including the following:

  • Fishing equipment
  • Underinsured or uninsured boaters
  • Water sports liability
  • Hurricane hauling services

Auto Insurance

Car insurance is a contract signed between the car owner and the insurance company. The insurance company will assist you to cover various expenses related to your car, which can range from hospital bills to roadside assistance.

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Is car insurance necessary?

Car insurance is not only necessary but also a legal requirement. You won’t be able to drive in most states without minimum liability coverage.

What does car insurance cover?

Car insurance covers the car of the owner, other people’s cars, passengers, and other road users such as bikers and pedestrians.
There are three major types of car insurance. They include collision, liability, and comprehensive insurance.

Home Insurance

Your home is a significant investment and place where you probably spend most of your time, and that’s why it needs to be protected.

The primary purpose of home insurance is to cater for the repair and replacement in case your house is damaged as a result of various factors. Below are some of the causes of damage and type of claims:

  • Property damage: This is one of the most significant areas where people make claims. In involves damage of property because of fire, water, or heavy storms.
  • Natural disasters: This is where home gets damaged by things such as floods and earthquakes
  • Standard home liability: This is where an insurance company compensates someone who was injured while at your home
  • Extra money for living: The insurance company will pay for a hotel while your home is under renovation

Life Insurance

Life insurance an arrangement between you and the insurance company. You are supposed to make monthly or annual premiums, and in case you pass away. The life insurance payout gets awarded to your surviving spouse or anybody you choose.

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There are different options one can take when it comes to life insurance:

  • Term life insurance: This is designed for younger people since it covers individuals for shorter periods.
  • Whole life insurance: Although its concept is similar to that of term insurance, the cover is forever
  • Universal life insurance: It’s more like a whole insurance plan.

Mobile Home Insurance

A mobile home is also known as a manufactured home. They are usually made in factories and sold to those who need them.

What is mobile home insurance?

Mobile home insurance is quite similar to a homeowner’s insurance policy. However, they are considered more risk considering the type of materials used. That’s where insurance comes in.

Mobile home insurance covers the following:

  • Property coverage
  • Contents coverage
  • Liability coverage

Motorcycle Insurance

Just like car insurance, motorcycle insurance will protect your motorbike from any form of damage or loss.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance

  • Bodily liability for one individual
  • Bodily harm for everyone involved in the accident
  • Property liability

Personal Liability or Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an extension of personal liability insurance. It provides you with extra protection. Umbrella insurance will relieve you from the financial burden by upping your liability cover.

What is covered by umbrella insurance?

  • It raises the dollar amount of liability insurance for necessary policies. For instance, if a person has liability insurance capped at $400,000, an umbrella policy will cover for the extra in case of a claim exceeding that amount.
  • It covers form claims not included in the personal liability cover.

Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance will cover individuals or businesses that rent equipment or property. In case you have a business that involves renting equipment and other stuff to third-parties, it is vital to have some form of protection for them.

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SR 22 Insurance

Also known as the certificate of financial responsibility, SR 22 is a certificate of insurance indicating that you have insurance. SR 22 shows that you meet all the auto insurance requirements of a particular state.

Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant property insurance is vital for homes that go unoccupied for the allocated time by the state laws.

Typically, the insurance company will provide coverage for up to 60 days when your house is empty. In case anything happens beyond this period, the insurer won’t be held liable.

ATV Insurance

An all-terrain vehicle is expensive and dangerous to drive in crowded areas. That’s why you should protect it with an insurance cover.

Most insurance companies place ATV under motorcycle insurance. The insurance policy covers bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, among others.

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