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ATV Insurance

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you likely have at least one ATV in your possession. All-terrain vehicles are traditionally referred to by many slang names include quad, three-wheeler, four-wheeler, and quadricycle. Whatever you refer to your ATV vehicle as doesn’t matter. What does it that you have insurance on it?

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Most insurance providers will have a basic ATV policy with various adjustable features and add-ons. The idea is to construct an ATV policy that fits your needs. For example, you may put tons of miles on your ATV, or you may ride in risky areas. Having coverage that will protect you when something goes wrong is a must.

What does ATV insurance cover?

The specific coverages that you’ll receive will highly depend on what is stated in your ATV policy. In general, all ATV insurance policies will have coverage for bodily injury and property liability. It’s essential to understand what both of these entail to determine better what policy will work best for your needs.

  • Property Liability: This section of an ATV insurance policy is intended to cover any damage you do to another person’s property. This damage could be to their house, car, ATV, or anything else considered to be the property of another person.
  • Bodily Injury: This section of ATV insurance is meant to cover any medical bills resulting from an accident that you cause. For example, let’s say you hit a pedestrian with your ATV. The bodily injury section of your ATV insurance policy will cover their medical bills up to a maximum amount set in the system.

Are you required by law to get ATV insurance?

There are individual states that require you to invest in an ATV insurance policy. However, many States don’t need this type of insurance. It’s best to speak with your local insurance agent to determine if the state you live in requires an ATV insurance policy. If they do, you’ll want to know what the minimum coverage limits are for property liability and bodily injury.

While it’s likely not going to be required in your state, ATV insurance is something you should consider. ATV accidents happen all the time. If you find yourself at fault for an ATV accident, you could be stuck paying out of pocket for medical bills and property damage. An ATV insurance policy could be there to protect your financial well-being for a small premium amount each year.

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What are specific add-ons to an ATV insurance policy?

As with most insurance policies, your insurance provider will have some add-ons that you can opt to put on your policy. The concept behind add-ons is they provide an extra layer of coverage for specific instances. Let’s look at what some of the most commonly offered add-ons are for ATV insurance policies.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Comprehensive coverage is commonly referred to as ‘other than collision damages’ and for a good reason. This type of insurance coverage add-on protects your ATV if it gets damaged from perils like theft, vandalism, and storms.
  • Roadside Assistance: ATVs tend to breakdown as cars do from time to time. Adding roadside assistance onto your policy can ensure that a local provider picks you up if your ATV breaks down. This add-on also covers lost keys, empty gas tanks, and dead batteries.
  • Accessories Coverage: If you’re like most ATV owners, you have lots of accessories that go along with your ATV. These can include things like a trailer, helmets, and other safety equipment. You can add accessories coverage to your insurance policy so these items will be covered if they get damaged.
  • Collision Coverage: Similar to coverage for a vehicle, collision coverage is intended to cover the cost of damages to your ATV if you’re involved in an accident. Without collision coverage, your insurance provider will only cover the other driver’s vehicle. With collision coverage, your vehicle is covered when you’re at fault for the accident.
  • Underinsured / Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Since most states don’t require ATV insurance, you’re likely to find that other ATV owners may not have a valid insurance policy. When another ATV driver is at fault for an accident that causes damage to your vehicle, it can be a severe financial battle to get compensation. With uninsured motorist coverage, you can be assured that your insurance company will repair your ATV at no cost to you. This policy add-on is also useful for when the other at-fault ATV driver has a low maximum on their insurance policy that doesn’t cover the cost of all of your damages.

It’s highly advisable to consider purchasing ATV insurance and some add-ons to protect your financial well-being in the event of an accident. Far too many people go without ATV insurance and find themselves in a boatload of financial trouble when they cause an accident. Realize that insurance is a way to put your mind at rest when it comes to worrying about ATV accidents.

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