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Mobile Home Insurance

The United States has over four million mobile homes, and if you are planning to occupy either of these, it is essential to have mobile home insurance.

Just like the site based home, experts have always advised mobile homeowners to consider getting home insurance. The number of these homes have kept on decreasing over time.

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The question that arises here is, do mobile homes need different coverage than the site based homes? Is it a must they have insurance? The mobile home insurance is confusing, and there is a need to consult an insurance agent who will help you clear the things up. They are also the best people to help you find a better insurance policy for your home. For a start, we must talk more about mobile homes.

What is a mobile home?

A mobile home is a manufactured home. It is a four-walled building that has been designed and built in a factory and later delivered to where you live or would like to live.

A mobile home is similar to a modular home but with a different structure. Modular homes get constructed in factories, but they are taken to a permanent location or area and assembled on a site, unlike mobile homes.

Modular homes depending on your insurer, can be classified as manufactured home and are sometimes defined as a site developed home if the contractor built it on a foundation.

What is mobile home insurance?

A mobile home insurance policy may look just like the standard homeowner policy, but there happens to be a few differences worth noting. They made the mobile home policy unique.

Mobile homes use different types of materials than today’s site developed homes. Because they’re created in a workshop or a factory and transported; thus, the materials used to make these structures ought to be lighter. On the other end, lightweight materials are very easy to damage, and therefore the mobile home insurance provider has always considered this.

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The mobile gets anchored into a place that has not been built securely on a firm foundation. Therefore, it means that any Mother Nature dark side may potentially destroy or damage or mobile home quickly that the on-site built house.

The above reasons make these insurance companies offer a different policy than homeowners insurance.

What does the mobile home insurance policy cover?

Just like the homeowner’s insurance, a mobile home insurance policy will begin with some of the most basic and standard coverage that anyone must have:

  1. Property Coverage: The property coverage will protect your property against any significant loss reported from natural disasters and fire.
  2. Liability Coverage: This type of coverage protects you from any financial loss that may occur if someone has filed a lawsuit or a claim after getting injured on your home or property.
  3. Content Coverage: This insurance covers your possessions against any theft or natural disaster. The total amount of the coverage that you may need shall depend on several factors. One of the most important among them is the value of the house and its possessions.

According to the market prices, the current value of a US-based mobile home is around $100,000. The cost of these homes will continue decreasing over the next several decades. If the family is involved in any form of a claim, there are two ways you may choose to be reimbursed:

  • Actual Cash Value of the Home: They determine the real cash value of the home based on the current market. It will also consider the cost of depreciation because these homes depreciate at a higher speed than others.
  • Replacement Value: The replacement value is that compensation for any amount would cost to build such a structure to the original condition.

There are several benefits related to both choices. You can always contact your agent for further guidance about the two options.

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Why should you purchase a mobile home insurance policy?

Anytime you take out any loan to buy property, the lender will ask for insurance. It will cover you and the lenders, and therefore everyone will be protected.

Also, many other elements are out of control, like the weather. Sometimes, wind storm can come and destroy your home, and without a well-defined coverage, you may end up losing everything. If you are in a place that is not prone to bad weather, you may also have the issue of fire in your home.

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