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Motorcycle Insurance

For most people, riding on a motorcycle is their only option. Motorcycles have been used by many people to break out their daily routine. NO matter how who or why they do it, protection is paramount.

An independent insurance agent will understand the different risks involved in riding a motorbike and will do everything possible to ensure that they get the right coverage to protect their fearless passion.

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Why do people need motorcycle insurance?

Owning a motorcycle is a privilege to most people, but it also comes with many risks in it. The riskiest part is getting injured for not having proper insurance. When facing damaging lawsuits or substantial medical bills, we need to ensure that we cover ourselves. If your motorcycle has a loan or had been leased, then the chances are high that the lender asked for the coverage.

To keep you on two wheels for long, you will need to have working insurance. Otherwise, there are so many challenges associated with owning a motorcycle that has not been insured.

What is covered by a motorcycle insurance cover?

A motorcycle insurance cover is not different from the motor vehicle policy. It has three forms of liability coverage that are all wrapped up in single insurance. The three forms comprise:

  • Body harm for a single person: This type of insurance covers the treatment costs if the rider is injured in the process.
  • Liability for the People Involved: This type of insurance covers the entire treatment costs for multiple casualties. It will involve the third party in the whole coverage.
  • Property Liability: This insurance covers the entire repair costs if the property is damaged. With motorcycle insurance, there are protection limits. For example, if you buy a 10/20/10 plan, the insurance company can pay up to $10,000 in the medical care for a single person, $10,000 in the form of property damage, and $20,000 for all the other injuries involved.

Before you go to an independent insurance agent and ask for the minimum, always consider the financial burden on your entire life if one day you wake up with a severe motorcycle accident. If the motorcycle crash costs exceed the limits, the rest of the bills will be footed by you.

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Requirements for a Motorcycle Insurance

It is entirely tricky, and each state is different when it comes to a rider’s insurance. Most of the America States besides Florida, Montana, and Washington requires motorcycle liability insurance at a minimum. But even though there were no such requirements, knowing that you are protected from any financial disaster is worth the coverage.

How much does motorcycle insurance cost?

Most motorcycle insurance premiums range between a hundred dollars to over $1,000 annually, and they all vary by company, state, and several other factors.

Various Factors that Affect Motorcycle Insurance Cost

  • Location: Almost every state has a minimum liability limit and also requirements for collisions coverage.
  • The Type of a Motorcycle That You Ride: The model, make, and the year of manufacture of your motorcycle affect your insurance cost. Just like any car, a new bike is costly to repair than the old one. If you have boosted it up with a powerful engine, you should expect your premium to reflect on that.
  • Age of the rider: The insurer will consider the age and the driving history of the owner. According to research and accident statistics, young people cause more accidents than their older counterparts. Therefore, their coverage costs become even higher, and those motorists with a history of traffic violations and collisions will also pay more.
  • How you ride the motorbike: If your motorcycle is your only means of transport, your risk becomes much higher than those who use it for weekend rides.
  • Where you pack your motorcycle: When your motorcycle is kept in a safer place when not in use, this attracts lower premiums for those who park it on the street.

Benefits Associated With the Bundling Motorcycle Insurance

Saving money is always every man’s best interest. Insurance agents can help you lower the cost of a motorcycle insurance agent.

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In most scenarios, one can bundle a motor vehicle and a motorcycle policy to help receive a little discount. It is essential to consolidate all your systems within one agency.

Engaging an independent insurance agent is paramount because you will inform them of where you would like to go. The agents will not just find the best price for your motorcycle insurance but also help review your needs. They will also guide you on the best coverage for you.

The independent insurance agents will have quotes and policies for different companies that will enable them to help you make informed decisions on your favor. The goal here is to get the right protection in place.

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